The Police

October 22, 2010

I’m surprised I haven’t talked about them yet.
I fucking hate police.
Not only do they not “make the laws” but they don’t enforce them either.
I read in the paper that the police want to go on strike because they aren’t paid enough. I say let them.
We would be better off without those fucking pigs.
All they do is catch kids skating in public and give drivers speeding tickets.
I’ve already ranted about how speed cameras don’t do anything but annoy the living shit out of drivers, but yeah. This is about cops.
Now back to this story of mine.
So, I had to skate to work because I was catching the bus and god knows I can’t walk.
Anyway, this is after work. I just finished working and i’m throwing a trolly full of rubbish away in the compacter.
I make my way back up to my car and I notice a police car driving along the crossing. The car slows down so I walk behind it so i can cross the road, right? Yeah, well this cop rolls down his window and gives me this dickhead, cocky “Hey” so i respond with a nod, “Where ya off to?” says the cop, “My car”, “Huh?”, “My car”, “Huh?” “My car” I’m now getting agitated. “Your car?”, “Yeah..”, “What’ you been doin’?”, “Working…”, “Righteo.” Cop rolls his window up and drives off.

Why does this anger me?
Because of the tone of arrogance and interrogation that he had in his voice. It also angers me because if i looked more like a faggot, he wouldn’t have questioned me. But no, because i wore all black and had a skateboard, I’m automatically a suspected criminal. Discrimination.
Ain’t it a bitch.

While these assholes are interrogating me, there’s probably some crack whore selling her pussy for a can of beans around the corner and these cops won’t do a thing to change that. Know why? Because they’re too busy asking some skater kid what he’s been doing.

You know what else irritates me?
People that swear too much.
I swear excessively, but there are people that just swear too much.
Example of what i mean: “Ah fuck, so ya got any fuckin’ plans for the weekend? Gonna get fuckin’ smashed like a crazy cunt or what?”
That kind of talk is annoying as all fuck.
Swearing doesn’t make you sound tough or cool at all. It’s just vulgar expressions.


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