November 2, 2010

Deathcore, Metalcore, most Grindcore and basically every other core you can think of are all essentially the same. Teenage faggots in tight jeans that weren’t cool enough, or skilled enough to play real metal so they play their pussy music.

All of these core bands are trying to the same thing and that’s to be ‘heavier’ or more ‘brutal’ than the last band. These faggots don’t understand that real music isn’t just a blast beat and some shitty harmonised sweep with godawful grunts and annoying as shit ‘screams’. Real music should not only be heard, but felt too.

Core music, from what i’ve heard, is completely emotionless, robotic and monotonous. Like I said earlier, all it is, is a blast beat with some shitty harmonised guitar riff that people may deem ‘technical’ and some shitty vocals.

Guitar wanking over a blast beat can only get you so far in music.
Sadly, that satisfies a large amount of people.

The thing that pisses me off so much about core music is that it’s fake.
Fake and shallow, like the common whores you see walking around the city.
Sure, some look good but that’s all they’ve got, looks. There is nothing more to them.

Any idiot can yell about how angry they are and how everything should die, but what use is it if they don’t really feel that way. What’s the point of making music that you don’t believe in.

Some may argue that music is just entertainment, but they would be wrong. It’s not just entertainment. It’s an art. Imagine if Munch painted The Scream in a more extreme style of cubism because he wanted to be more obscure than Picasso. Imagine if he painted it as a detailed portrait because that’s what Da Vinci did, and had great success with. And look at Picasso, his art is obscure and sure, some people say it looks like shit but the fact is, it’s different and he can truly call it his own.

Cubism also reflects well on music quality.
Picasso moved completely away from the regular portrait style paintings and went on a more peculiar path where he purposely obscured his art. He showed how in obscurity, there can be a masterpiece.

I would much rather listen to the low-fi, fuzziness of Xasthur than some bullshit $2000 an hour recording studio core song.
Xasthur has more genuine hate than every core band put together.

Here is a lyrical extract from two different songs:

Prison of Mirrors – Xasthur

The prison of mirrors… we can’t see, 
Yet trapped we are… by its reflection, 
It sees all fear and watches our downfall, 
It will rip all lies and pride from the soul. 

Unbreakable – Veil Of Maya

I hear them calling,
the damned are calling
from this hell on Earth.

Their voices flooding my ears,
I hear them calling,
their voices flooding my ears
from this hell on Earth.

Lyrically, they are quite similar. Nothing special in either song. 
And now listen to each of them.

Unbreakable – Veil Of Maya

Prison of Mirrors – Xasthur

If you think Unbreakable is a great song, get the fuck off my blog and never return.