Beast to Beauty In A Few Simple Steps

December 30, 2010

1. If you have an ugly hair-cut, get a better one.

2. If you have glasses, get rid of them.

3. If you have braces, get rid of them.

4. If you have bad skin, fix it.

5. If you have a personality, lose it.

6. If you have brains, stop being smart.

Follow this guide, and you will be the most popular, attractive and just all around awesome girl there is… According to almost every hollywood ‘transformation’ movie, that is.

I really don’t think it’s as easy it seems.

Step one, for example; If you’re getting a shit hair-cut, it’s obviously not on purpose. You’re not trying to make yourself look shit. It’s just how it is. Getting rid of glasses isn’t that easy either. Sure, you can get contacts but they cost a fortune and to some, are impractical.

I also don’t know why ‘geek’ girls in movies always wear the biggest rimmed glasses they can find. Wearing glasses can be found attractive by a lot of people. Just get a nice pair of Versace frames or something and you’re set. Not only have you kept your glasses, but also look good.

I particularly like the third step. When a girl in the movie has braces and she just gets rid of them because she wants to look better. No one has braces as a fashion statement. It’s not something you can just ‘get rid of’.

Another thing I like is the transformation from acne-ridden skin to absolutely flawless skin. It’s all just so simple in the movies, isn’t it.

Well, that’s about all I had to share.

Enjoy listening to the awesome music suggestions I gave.


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