December 30, 2010

I’ve been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops a lot recently and there has been one thing that’s been pissing me off immensely. It’s the fucking lag!

I don’t think i’ve been in a game where i’ve gotten better than two bars, and thats out of 5.

To illustrate why this may be frustrating, I have drawn a lovely picture.

Now, this first picture is what I see:










Awesome, right? There’s no way that won’t be a headshot so i empty a clip into that guys face however, I end up dying. I scream and shout, yelling “WHYYYYY GOD!! WHYYY” and then I watch the killcam.

Here’s what the above looks like to everyone else:











Not only do i look like a complete noob that’s shooting everywhere for no reason, but i also get killed.

For the first few deaths, maybe even rounds, it’s bearable but when you’re on the top of the leaderboard and you just need a couple more kills to win the round but you just can’t because of the bullet lag, it’s pretty fucking annoying.


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